Camo Netting

One of the primary necessities for successful hunting is concealment. No extraneous noises, no unusual smells and especially no changes in scenery can be allowed. The prey become accustomed to the sight, sounds and smells of their environment. As any hunter knows, when any of these factors are disturbed, the prey becomes wary and will not approach.

camo nettingSounds and smells can be controlled to a large extent by diversion and elimination. Synthesized chemicals can mask the hunter’s scent and a modicum of care can eliminate the noise. Sight is another matter. Obviously, the hunter must be physically present and his presence changes the landscape. Good camo netting minimizes this change and so doesn’t disturb the animals.

Color, Size and Weight
Whether the setting is the woodlands, a desert or just plain snow, there is an appropriate size and color to meet any sportsman’s need. Most netting comes in reversible colors for added versatility.

Camo nets are produced in four standard sizes; 8’x10’ or 8’x20’ and 10’x10’ or 10’x20’. These sizes fulfill the vast majority of needs, however, custom sizes can be produced. There are manufactures who can create a camo net ten feet wide by as long you want.

Generally, camo netting must be hauled from one site to the next so weight and compactness are key considerations. Most camo is extremely lightweight and easily foldable. A typical 8’x10’ net weighs less than two pounds and folds into a space of less than one square foot. camo nets

Modern netting is manufactured from the highest grade, non-toxic materials with a polyurethane coating that makes them 100 percent waterproof and extremely resistant to rot. Added UV treatments eliminate any problems with mold or mildew and an optional fire retardant can be incorporated for further safety. Nettings are also designed to minimize glare and noise; important considerations for hunters.

Considering the benefits, camo is extremely affordable with a typical net costing under 40 cents per square foot. This means that a standard, 8’ x 20’ costs around 50 dollars. Even the large, custom produced nets only cost 50 cents per square foot.

Other Uses
Its affordability and versatility makes camo netting an ideal choice for a variety of other uses. Use it for duck and boat blinds or as a tree stand skirt. At home, it is ideal as a cover for cars, boats and ATVs. It provides excellent protection when moving furniture or appliances in the back of a pickup or on a trailer In short, keep some around the house as it will always come in handy.